About Me

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to check out my sassy little blog. I am Dani, born and raised in the beautiful Midlands of KZN, South Africa. I was privileged enough to grow up on a farm (100 hectares, not that big of a farm) and not a farmy farm –  where there are cows and chickens and sheep and whatever else seems to wonder around a farmy farm! Okay to be fair, we had some cows, but not for very long and only Inguni’s, and some chickens but those were purely for fun, only about five or so at a time. The purpose of the farm was for my dad to have a piece of land big enough to have an airstrip so he could work from home as he is a crop sprayer.  Anyway, enough about this bloody farm! I’m sure you are wondering how this girl decided fashion was an interest, being a ‘farm girl’? Well I don’t know how, but it is. Remember I said earlier that I did not grow up on a ‘farmy farm’? Well I am definitely, and have been told by many people, a girly girl!

So this ‘girly girl’ has decided to start a fashion blog – Holy Chic. The name has no significant story behind it, I enjoyed the slight play on words as it suits my personality and the blogs cheekiness. I enjoy dressing up for events and parties and whatever else gives me the excuse to dress up! This blog will be about what to wear to certain events, whether it be the massive commune party of the year of a trip to a cool market such as The Neighbourgoods market, as well as following the current trends, because, well, we need to keep trendy while dressing up for these events. I love to find pictures, take pictures, just everything pictures! So I must forewarn you that this blog will not be a very wordy blog, it will, of course have text explaining what I’m going on about in my pictures. The text will not be very academic, as I am sure you have gathered, that is not my style. The purpose of this blog is for you to sit back and enjoy the experience of hopefully getting some inspirational looks for the events you attend.

After I finished school I started studying in Pretoria at Tuks (The University of Pretoria) and then two years later changed to LISOF, a fashion college. I am currently in second year at LISOF and enjoying it so much! It has allowed me to really explore my passion with fashion and makeup, yes I LOVE makeup! (‘Girly girl’ don’t forget that!). So here I sit in my little three man flat in Pretoria starting my very own fashion blog! There is so much I am excited for and so much I cannot even begin to imagine yet. So without further ado I present to you: Holy Chic.